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New Organization

In the hopes of letting people know we are here, this post is to announce a new community for the Baton Rouge area. It has become increasingly apparent that alternative faiths are becoming more popular, and in response the Temple of the Divine Mother will be offering classes, community rituals and other services with regards to alternative spiritualities, as well as service to the community at large as needed and as we are able. This community has been designed for announcements of upcoming events as well as any discussions that may crop up. Please join us.

What is this strange white stuff falling from the sky?

Domesticated Rats?

Is anyone interested in adopting or fostering some rats? I don't have many details, but I volunteer for the Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue and EBR Animal Control called us because they have 8 rats and cannot care for them.  We're looking for people who can take care of some of them.  The rescue would provide food, bedding, and a cage.  If you're interested, e-mail me at sarah.colleen.smail AT gmail DOT com.  Thanks!
Hi, this is Clarence the Cajun DJ in Baton Rouge. FYI, I maintain the

Baton Rouge Cajun Zydeco Schedule at

New Orleans Cajun Zydeco Schedule at

Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Schedule at

Can any of you recommend a restaurant with good vegetarian options? Some friends of mine are having me over for Christmas Eve dinner, and I'd like to get them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant as a thank-you, but I'm not a vegetarian and can't think of any places with good vegetarian dishes. It doesn't have to be strictly vegetarian - one of them eats meat an the other tolerates it!


airport shuttle

Anyone have a favorite shuttle / taxi for getting to the airport [from the garden district]?

(It seems there is no bus service to the airport.)


Can anyone tell me where to find Brown Select satsumas? I miss them! Tiny, thin-skinned, tangy-sweet citrus fruit...delicious.
I have a toothache. What I do not have is dental insurance or cash. Is there anywhere in town where I can get treatment from someone competent without racking up a thousand dollars in debt?

Local TV Pilot Premier

Local filmmaker Aaron Williams of Digital Media Productions will be showcasing the premier of JK's House on Sunday, November 1 at 2pm at Rave Motion Pictures by the mall. It is a kid-friendly sit-com musical starring Robin Givens and local actress, Jakayla Lawrence. For more information, visit the Web site at http://www.jkshouse.com/ or contact publicist Valentina Wilson at (225)253-2438. Please come out and show your support for our up-and-coming local film industry!

Halloween Plans

How are your Halloween plans shaping up?  What's going on?