Vodou Ceremonie -- Les Marassa

There will be a Vodou ritual on December 18, 2010 at 5 p.m.  Since Christmas has become a holiday mostly for children in our culture, our Christmas ritual this year will be for the Marassa.  These are the sacred twins of Vodou where 1+1=3 (complicated concept).  Offerings the Marassa would like would be anything children would like such as candy, soft drinks, cakes, popcorn or toys.  Please do not bring vegetables, thinking children should eat them.  These are spirit children and they are celebrated for being children.  Bringing them something like vegetables is considered an insult.  Since it does take some time for spirit to work, we are doing this ritual about a week before Christmas, so that maybe we can have something special come Christmas morning.  This is an opportunity for the adults to pretend like there is a Santa Claus.  Please wear white and call for directions. (225) 266-7882 For more information, see

Reminder -- Vodou Ceremonie -- tomorrow night

Currently, there is a Vodou ritual scheduled for Halloween night at 7 p.m.  If you are planning to attend, please bring the appropriate offerings for the Baron Samedi.  The Baron Samedi is the Vodou spirit of sex and resurrection.  He is a lot of fun and is well loved in South Louisiana.  Some things he likes are rum, cigars, hot peppers, chicken dishes or other creole foods.  It is also most respectful to wear the colors of spirit, which in this case is black, white and purple or any combination of those three.  Call for directions. 

For a complete schedule of our upcoming public rituals, please refer to
Sarah Brown

Wouldn't hurt to try...right?

Hi everyone,

I know someone who recently got a motorcycle endorsement on his license and he's been cruising around Baton Rouge and he's getting pretty good at riding.

Now he's wondering if there are any type of groups of people that ride/cruise together either around the city or around somewhere since he's getting kind of bored of riding by himself. there anyone who also has a motorcycle that wants a riding buddy? I don't know, he's trying to find others with this interest and it's kind of hard for us to find since we're kind of new to the whole "social" part of here.

Any suggestions would be great!
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Hey this might be a dumb question. But I was looking to buy someone's student ticket to an LSU home game off Craigslist and before I spent the money I wanted to make sure that I won't need a valid student ID or anything to use the ticket. If someone sells their student section ticket does that make it fair game to anyone? Or does it have to be a student? I've heard of people who aren't students sitting there...I think?

Anyway, I just wanted to know.

Also: pretty much all of my friends are Alabama fans and I wanted to invite them down for the game. Win or lose I think it would be fun. I figured we would tailgate before, and go out after and we would each sit in our respective sections during the game. So what I wanted to know was if I would be attacked or whatever for associating/hanging out with Alabama fans. I don't go to a lot of games so I don't really know if they have their own section where the visiting team hangs out/tailgates.

Probably dumb questions, but whatever. Better to know.


Classes on Alternative Spiritualities

Temple of the Divine Mother is currently taking reservations for an upcoming schedule of classes. There are 5 spots available in each class at this time. Classes are $20.00 per person which can be paid at attendance. Classes ready to be scheduled include introductories on Buddhism, Vodou (for us Louisianians, we might prefer to spell it "Voodoo"), and Spellcasting (a how-to on Magicks!) Please call 225-266-7882 to reserve your spot.

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The president of Southeastern Louisiana University has decided that he is going to eliminate the French program.

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Here is a petition I made. I don't necessarily think it will do much, but hopefully it will get their attention and let them know that there are people out there who care about this.

Here is an article from Louisiana's newspaper, The Advocate.

Here is an article from a local news station.

Here is an article from another local newspaper.

Any help that anyone could give would be extremely appreciated!
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Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me of any thrift stores that would buy some of my stuff, clothes, old toys books ect.

i don't mind donating them but if i could make some extra cash for them that would be great